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Offshore Dedicated Hiring

In a global model of doing business, the cost cutting is a major factor. All the major companies are trying hard to cut the overhead costing. In this scenario a new revolution is sweeping through the outsourcing world. That is Dedicated Hiring.

This service allows you to hire Animators, Programmers, Content writers, SEO Specialists, Graphics Designers at a fixed monthly basis. You can hire dedicated professionals from our poll of talented professionals. They will work dedicated as per your instruction.

Depending on how much work you currently have, you can hire the resource on hourly, part-time or monthly basis. Please note that in all cases the necessary support, training, help, help with code library and architecture, ensuring quality code writing will be provided by the in house experts in the related fields. So you are not merely hiring the coder, but also the backup. And the backups are provided by people who have 11-12 years of experience in the web technologies, internet business and SEO.

You can hire human resources in the following fields

  • PHP Programming
  • .NET programming
  • SEO / Web marketing
  • Graphics designing
  • CMS data entry
  • Content Writing
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